South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid
The State Outside South Africa between 1960 and 1990
Truth and Reconciliation Commission Final Report Volume 2

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission researched the impact of South African military actions in southern Africa, and Chapter 2 of Volume 2 is their report and conclusions. It covers South Africa's war in Angola and Namibia and police and military counter-insurgency operations in Zambia, Rhodesia (and later Zimbabwe), Mozambique, and Lesotho, along with assassinations, attempted assassinations, and abductions across South African borders (including in Swaziland), and cross-border military operations and raids. (Report)
Chapter 2 is found on pages 42-164 of Volume 2 of the TRC Report. (This begins on page 45 of the electronic pdf document.)

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Source: South African Department of Justice

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