Web Sites

African Activist Archive
Michigan State University African Studies Center
This site provides remembrances, interviews, historical documents, political art, and other materials about U.S. and international solidarity with African political struggles, with strong collections about Southern Africa.

African National Congress
The Documents section of this website contains a large collection of Historic Documents, Speeches, and Books.

African National Congress - Political and Liberation Organisations
South African History Online
The "History" and "Timeline" tabs provide useful background about the history of the ANC.

AllAfrica Global Media
Searching for articles on the country of South Africa provides access to contemporary news coverage from dozens of media outlets.

Country Profile: South Africa
BBC News
The BBC provides a timeline of South African history, from which selected BBC audio broadcasts can be played. Includes coverage about Walter Sisulu, Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, and F.W. de Klerk.

Cradle of Humankind
World Heritage Site
The Cradle of Humankind site contains 13 excavated caves with 500 hominid fossils that are more than four million years old. The "Learners and Kids" section of the website provides educational information.

District Six Museum
This website of the District Six Museum in Cape Town includes a timeline of South African history, including District Six.

Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre
K. Chetty
University of KwaZulu Natal
Documentation on this site contains a particular focus on the role of Indians in South Africa. The Voices of Resistance collection contains 12 audio interviews with Indians active in the anti-apartheid struggle.

Images of Human Rights: The Birth of the Bill of Rights
Artists for Human Rights
A portfolio of prints by 27 South African artists depicting the clauses of South Africa's Bill of Rights. Each clause is listed, with a statement of the artist's interpretation. An introduction by Bishop Desmond Tutu and essay about the birth of the Bill of Rights also are included.

Mandela: An Audio History
Deborah George and Ben Shapiro
Radio Diaries, Inc.
This series of radio broadcasts is not just about Nelson Mandela; it tells the story of resistance to apartheid through interviews with many people involved in that struggle. Transcripts identify the speakers in the five segments. Interviews also are organized in a timeline. The series was produced in 2004 and originally aired on All Things Considered.

Nordic Africa Institute
Nordic Documentation on the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa
A collection of books, posters, and interviews document the southern African liberation struggle, particularly the role of Nordic countries. Includes transcripts of interviews on this topic with Walter Sisulu, Thabo Mbeki, Beyers Naude, Tozamile Botha and Dennis Goldberg.

Posters from the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies of Northwestern University
This digital collection of more than 360 posters about Africa includes many about South Africa, produced both in South Africa and in other countries.

South Africa History Online
South Africa History Online contains a large collection of biographies, timelines, on-line books, and photo galleries. Established in 1999, South African History Online (SAHO) is a non-partisan people’s history project.

South Africa Yearbook
Government Communication and Information System
Annual publication of the South African government about the country's economy, education, and social development, with background about its land, people, and history.

Southern African Freedom Struggles, 1950-1994
Digital Imaging South Africa (DISA)
University of KwaZulu-Natal
The full text of articles from 44 South African periodicals is available here, reporting on anti-apartheid struggles from a variety of political perspectives.

Stats Online
The Digital Face of Stats SA
Statistics South Africa
The official source of statistics from the national government of the Republic of South Africa.

The Heart of Hope
South Africa's Transition from Apartheid to Democracy
Padraig O'Malley
Contains transcripts of more than 100 interviews with South African political figures. Also contains numerous documents. The site is somewhat complicated to navigate; Contents page provides one useful overview.

The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Videotape Collection
South African Broadcasting Corporation
Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library
This site contains the 86 episodes of "Truth Commission Special Report" produced by the South African Broadcasting Corporation and shown in South Africa during the hearings of the TRC, from April 1996 to March 1998. Episodes with useful summaries and highlights are listed in "Possible Good Teaching Episodes" at: http://www.law.yale.edu/trc/helplinks/helpfulepisodes.htm.

Traces of Truth: Documents Relating to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Historical Papers (The Library of University of Witwatersrand) and the South African History Archives
This digital archive includes documentation by many individuals and organizations about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as well as records from some state agencies.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission
This official website of the TRC contains transcripts of proceedings of the Human Rights Violations Committee and Amnesty Committee. Click on "Read more about the TRC and its Committees" and bottom of homepage to access these materials.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa Final Report
Volumes One - Five, Forward to Volumes Six and Seven, and Executive Summary (Guide to Contents)
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission submitted seven reports to the President, the last in 2002. The Guide to Contents provides a summary of the topics of each report by chapter.

Truth Commission Special Report
South African History Archive
This digital archive includes videos and transcripts of South African Broadcasting Corporation's (SABC) weekly broadcast of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) hearings; official decisions, submissions, and the TRC's final report; an index of victims of politically motivated crimes; and a glossary of terms, names, and events discussed in the TRC hearings.

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