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Luli Callinicos interviewed by Jim Sleight
May 28, 2005 Cape Town, South Africa.
"As the town expanded, the whites were too close to these ghettoes, and they moved the locations further away, so it happened all over South Africa." [1:51]

Luli Callinicos, a South African historian, explains that forced removals of black people needs to be understood not only as removal but dispossession of land

Luli Callinicos is a social historian of South Africa. She was involved from the mid-1970s in writing history for adult Black workers with little formal education. She worked first for the Metal and Allied Workers Union and then for The World newspaper in Johannesburg, which was banned in 1977. She was a founding member of the History Workshop of University of the Witwatersrand and also the Workers’ Library in Johannesburg. She wrote the three-volume People’s History of South Africa, a biography of Oliver Tambo, and other books about South African people's history.

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