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Ruth Noel Robb, Barbara Versfeld, Lettie Malindi interviewed by Ruendree Govinder
May 23, 2005 Cape Town, South Africa.
"Men [had] to think 'Well, if do this I might lose my job and the family will starve,' and they weren't as free as we were ..." [1:33]

The Black Sash was always an organization for women only. Several members discuss the reason for this. Lettie Malindi talks about why African women also were at the forefront of the struggle.

Barbara Versfeld worked in the Cape Town Advice Office for eleven years, beginning in 1965. (Wearing striped shawl.) Ruth Noel Robb was a member of the International Defence and Aid Fund as well as a member of the Black Sash who worked in the Advice Office. (Wearing light blue sweater.) Lettie Malindi worked as an interpreter in the Advice Office for 28 years, starting when the Atholone branch of the ANC asked for people to assist. She volunteering five days a week for one year before the Black Sash began to pay her. She was charged under the Riotous Assemblies Act for leading a protest against the pass laws, but was acquitted. She spent five months in detention in Bindon Prison Farm. (Wearing maroon coat.)

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