You be the Judge: The Death of Stephen Biko

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If you have not done so already, read the essay about the death of Stephen Biko in detention and the consideration of this event by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

After reading the excerpts from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission amnesty hearing transcripts, answer the following questions and support your answers with evidence from the transcripts.

1. In their amnesty hearings, the five policemen who interrogated Steve Biko were asked about their use of hosepipes to beat Biko and what impact this had on him. After reading the excerpts, do you believe that Mr. Niewoudt frequently used hosepipes as an “interrogation” tool?

2. Name the different kinds of evidence used in TRC hearings as shown in these excerpts. Which type of evidence seems the most reliable? Why?

[Amnesty transcription excerpts appear in the the pdf document.]

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